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An effective and affordable service for home and office for Braintree and surrounding area.

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Thank you for visiting my carpet cleaning Braintree website.

Of course you want to see a real difference when you have your carpets cleaned, and for the pricing to be reasonable.

We work hard to make having your carpets cleaned straightforward and easy, and for you to have a great experience using Afresh. I use only tried and trusted professional cleaning products, that I know to be effective, top level equipment, and as a fully trained technician with well over a decade of experience I know you’ll be happy with the service.

Google reviews from your neighbours in and around Braintree and a frequently asked question section to answer your questions are located further down this page.

You can use the call back form at the top of this page, visit the contact page to leave us a message, or call me on 01376 802021.

Thank You, Richard Meads.

We know you want your carpets clean and for them to be dry as soon as possible, that’s why we use hot water extraction, sometimes called steam cleaning as it is the most effective carpet cleaning method.

The machine we use gives us lot of hot water and powerful vacuum for clean carpets that dry quickly and all without using your electricity!

The machine is van mounted so it’s just the hoses that come into you home not the whole machine. With a fresh water tank and also dirty water tank, we don’t need to get buckets of fresh water from you and we take the dirty water away with us!

First we vacuum and move furniture if needed.

Then we work into the carpet the cleaning agent selected to be the most effective on your type of carpet and the soiling. This breaks down the soil ready for the next step.

Now we use the machine, the hot water solution will rinse away the dirt and soil this is immediately vacuumed away before it can soak into your carpet. Because our machine is van mounted it’s vacuum is far more effective than most machines, and that means dryer carpets for you.

We can speed up the drying process even more with fans or air movers.

Carpet cleaning machine

See the dirt come out of this heavily soiled carpet!

A rotary hot water extraction tool is used here because of the condition of the carpet. You can see the dirt being vacuumed away in the clear pipe on the tool.

The high heat along with a pre-applied cleaning agent helps to break down the soil and to sanitise the carpet. This is only one step in the process, this carpet needed further sanitising and odour treatments to bring it back to a clean and healthy condition.

Carpet Cleaning Braintree Google Reviews

Afresh Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning IconAfresh Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

CO CM Essex

5.0 156 reviews

  • Avatar Graham Hardinge ★★★★★ a month ago
    Richard did a superb job cleaning our carpets today. So professional and meticulous with careful checks to ascertain types of carpet before applying the most suitable cleaning agent. Fans used to dry off as much as possible. Impressive … More and highly recommended.
  • Avatar Grace Fountain ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Richard has done a stunning job on our rugs and bedroom carpet. There were marks on the cream carpet that we never thought would come out, but it looks brand new! Thanks so much, Richard. We can highly recommend Richard and can't praise … More him enough.
  • Avatar David Barraclough ★★★★★ a month ago
    Fantastic cleaning. Richard is very respectful, friendly and a pleasure to have in your home. He takes care in your home and does an excellent job. Highly recommend.
  • Avatar penny warland ★★★★★ 2 years ago
    After experiencing a Flood to the whole of our ground floor home. We had a 3 month wait for our concrete floor to be replenished with wood flooring. As you can imagine our cream upholstery was subjected to concrete dust which built up over … More the period. I contacted Afresh Carpet Cleaners. I was extremely happy with the care and professionalism through out the process. Richard has done a fabulous job, the furniture looks like new again and the rug looks and smells great. I would definitely use them again. Richard was very competent and just got the job done. Excellent work. Thank you!
  • Avatar L Mason ★★★★★ 4 months ago
    Richard is professional and thorough in his work, so much so we used Afresh for the second time! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Richard and will certainly use his company again in the future.
  • Avatar Hannah Cusworth ★★★★★ 5 months ago
    Richard cleaned our sofa and has done a fabulous job! All the watermark stains have been removed and it looks good as new!
    Professional service and would highly recommend to anyone.
  • Avatar Joanne Haley-Bloor ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Richard cleaned my sofa and stair carpets. He did a fabulous job and took great care to protect my floors and woodwork. I would highly recommend his service. Prompt, reliable and honestly priced.
  • Avatar Silverback “Silverback” ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    Fantastic service, Richard done an excellent professional job on our living room and stair carpets, it looked even better the following morning!. If you compare hiring a DIY carpet cleaner, by the time you collect it, pay for the hire and … More the cleaning products, return it, then to me the cost is negligible!!, I would highly recommend Afresh to anyone, thank you Richard.
    Colin & Jan
  • Avatar Alan Arnett ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    Recommended by the company that reupholstered our dining chairs and I can see why. Cleaned them like new - very professional, and even left us some spot cleaner for future problems. Very pleased.
  • Avatar John Willcock ★★★★★ 8 months ago
    Richard cleaned our Lounge carpet recently and did a fabulous job. He is very professional and this can be seen in the quality of his work. Being a local business and not a nationwide franchise makes him more than competitive price wise. … More
  • Avatar Annette Coleman ★★★★★ 7 months ago
    I arranged for Richard to clean my mother's sofa and chair. He turned up on time, and did an excellent job. Thank you Afresh, would highly recommend.
  • Avatar sylvia thorogood ★★★★★ a year ago
    Richard is very professional. Arrived on time. Was polite and professional. Did an excellent job of cleaning our lounge, dining room, hall and stairs. He works quickly and gets on with the job. We consider that he is very fairly priced. … More He even uses fans to part dry the carpets.
    Excellent job all round.

How to Contact Us

You can call us on 01376 802021, use the call back form at the top of this page or use the button below for the contact page. We also cover Witham, carpet and upholstery, and Chelmsford, carpet and upholstery cleaning. Call us today!

We also cover Witham, carpet and upholstery, and Chelmsford, carpet and upholstery cleaning. Call us today!

Afresh Carpet Cleaning Braintree FAQ’s

What are your carpet cleaning prices?

I aim for prices to be fair for the work being done.

We do not try to be the cheapest because that would mean using cheap chemicals, using semi professional or DIY equipment, no training and basic Public Liability insurance. It would also mean cleaning carpets in the shortest time possible regardless of the result.

As a small local business our prices are certainly not the most expensive, with many of our reviews mentioning what great value our service is.

We will always provide free quotes, this may entail visiting to see the carpets or upholstery, but mostly during the current health crisis we try to provide prices for cleaning by phone.

What about the furniture?

We will discuss with you what furniture you wish to be moved, in some cases we move no furniture at all, in other cases we move all the furniture to clean all the carpet.

There are some items we can’t move, items that are to heavy or items that are to delicate to move we will leave in place and clean around them, or you may wish to move them before hand. If you need us to move your TV stand we will need you to remove the TV before, in most cases we work around TV stands.

Please remove ornaments from furniture to be moved, and if you can move smaller items like magazine racks and small tables, if you aren’t able to move the smaller items don’t worry, we’ll move them.

Most items will go back in place on plastic tabs or small blocks, this is to protect the carpet from rust marks or wood stain while it is drying. These can be removed once the carpet is fully dry.

How long does carpet cleaning take?

As a guide a small/medium lounge and hall, stairs and landing I would expect to take a couple of hours depending on furniture and any stain treatments needed. I do not compromise on the quality of the cleaning just to be quicker!

What is the drying time and when can we go in the rooms again?

A natural pile carpet, like wool, will take slightly longer to dry than a synthetic carpet.

I aim to have carpets dry in a couple of hours. The heat of the water and the vacuum from the van truckmount machine really help with the drying, and fans help to finish off.

You can still go in a room while the carpet is drying as long as you have clean footware with good grip. Take care when walking from wet carpet to possibly slippy hard floor areas.

Dealing with odours may mean making the carpets quite damp, especially if the treatment needs to reach the underlay of floor underneath. Due to the nature of the process there will be no damp carpet smell as the area dries.

Protectors may extend drying times for a short while, as the protector is applied and allowed to dry. 

Do you offer any Guarantee?

We want you to be very pleased that you chose Afresh for your carpet and upholstery cleaning.

Even with the best of intentions, sometimes things do go wrong. That is why we have the Afresh 100% guarantee.

If something does go wrong, we still want you to be pleased you chose us for your cleaning, this is what we will do:

1. We will rush back and re-clean or treat the area.

2. If you are still not happy, we will give you a full refund for cleaning of the room or item.

3. If the item is damaged due to our work we will contact our insurance company to provide a replacement.

Do you have insurance and training?

The insurance we use covers public liability and also covers any items worked on. This insurance is supplied by Hiscox Insurance.

I enjoy ongoing training as a member of the Woolsafe Organization. Carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning training was with the IICRC, the independent international cleaning training company, with additional training in stain removal and commercial and office carpet cleaning.

Do you apply protectors?

Once your carpet or upholstery is cleaned we can appy a protector to help the item stay clean longer, to help it resisit stains and to aid you day to day vacuuming.

Protectors do wear off over time so it is recommended that you have the protector re-applied with every clean.

How do you take payment?

We can take payment by card, cash, cheque or BACs. Generally it’s whatever is easier for you, however in poor phone signal areas we may not be able to use the card machine.

Why Choose Afresh Carpet Cleaning Braintree

Woolsafe Warranty

Ongoing Training

After training from the IICRC in carpet and also upholstery cleaning I joined Woolsafe, their ongoing training is in safely cleaning wool pile carpets, and delicate piles like viscose and tencel. Understanding soiling and staining not only helps when removing a wine stain from a wool pile, but also in deep cleaning a rental property carpet that may seem beyond rescuing!

Protecting your floors with drop mats

Protecting your property

We take the time to protect your wood or stone flooring, drop mats protect them from hoses and any other equipment we may need to bring in. Corner guards protect the paint on your doorways. When cleaning upholstery dust sheets stop cleaning agents getting onto your carpet or wood flooring.

Fans and air movers speed dry

Speed drying

“How long before I walk on the carpet?” To speed up the process we can use less cleaning agent, if we use the best and it’s matched to the soiling and the item. Our machine is built with a powerful vacuum to effectively and quickly  remove the hot water, speeding up drying further. Finally air movers and fans speed up the drying even further.

Puppies sleep on the carpet

Odours in carpet

We all love our pets, but sometimes they do things we don’t love! Pet urine is typically not just in the surface pile, the backing, underlay and maybe even the floor below need treatment. With different options to deal with this problem you’ll soon enjoy your carpets again. Wool carpets are best treated asap as urine salts can permanently damage the pile.